Talon presents: Naughty Noir

Naughty Noir @talon
Naughty Noir Burlesque @talon May 4th 9pm

Naughty Noir, New York City’s sexiest, dirtiest and down right most rockin’ Burlesque Show is expanding to Brooklyn, New York’s very own Talon Bar.
Puss, coproducer of the show, knew the moment she walked into this sultry venue that is dripping with old world artifacts that she just had to get naked here! And she will, every first Thursday of the month.
So come, and watch us as we undress. Peek into Talon’s intimate downstairs space and be our voyeur. For the small price of $10 you go from pervert to an art investor! We want you to watch, to scream, to drink, to get turned on, and to enjoy! After all, we only live once, so do it in style and damn, we do it well.
Join us 4 May 2017 at 9pm at Talon Bar. Sensual performances by Peekaboo Pointe, Tansy and Minx Arcada. Hosted by the Golden Throat of Burlesque Broadway Brassy. The sweet scoop Gemini Blitz on the door and everyone’s favorite gogo goddess Trinity Starlight warming us up! The downstairs bar will be in service including a sinful speciality cocktails menu for your enjoyment.